Friday, April 29, 2011

NFL Draft, day 1

- Roger Goodell made a sinister move at the beginning of this draft.  Using the tornadoes in Alabama to silence the crowd.  That's a low blow Rog.
- So so happy with the trade down the browns made.  My worst fear was we take Julio Jones at the 6 spot.  To turn that kind of potential vinegar into honey like this is so awesome.  Look at what we got for our single 1st round pick:

» First-round pick (No. 27)
» Second-round pick (No. 59)
» Fourth-round pick (No. 124)
» 2012 first-round pick
» 2012 fourth-round pick

Damn.  Got to feel good about that.

- The titans just took a quarterback?   What does vince young do now?  I still think he's a viable QB, look to see him move in free agency as SOON as the ban is lifted.  Someone really has it out for him.
- Sad to see the top tackle go to the Cowboys, the Browns could have used a solid tackle on the right side.
- J.J Watt sounded really familiar to me - then they showed the highlights - yeah 3 of the 5 against OSU.  That's probably why.  Ouch.  Watch for him week 9 when the browns go to Houston.
- Nick Fairley.  Man, thats a good pick for the Lions.  Berman, Gruden, and Kiper have it right.  The Lions are going to have a formidable front 4.  That's a scary front 4 in fact.  A lot of good defenses are built right there. 
- Robert Quinn off the board now, that's two DL in a row.  Not a big fan of that.  Hopefully the browns front office play it cool here and don't panic.  In mustache we trust.
- I'd be happy if we got the tackle Gabe Carimi out of Wisconson at the 27th pick.  I'm a big fan of Big Ten OL, and it doesn't get much better than out of OSU or Wisconson. I'd also be happy with Mark Ingram, as long as we're speculating.  He'd be a good complement to Peyton Hillis.  And by complement, I mean pounding followed by more pounding.
- Is there anyone that Jon Gruden doesn't like?  I don't hate his analysis like a lot of people do, but cmon man, you've got to have reservations about SOME players.
- Another DL... at number 18, Corey Liuget to San Diego.  Hm.  Cornerback is starting to look a lot more enticing.
- Damn there goes Prince Amukamara to the Giants at 19.   Second thoughts - wow, I'm watching film now and I'm actually not that upset about it.  That guy's gonna be a penalty machine at the next level.
- Heyyy, look who's still available at pick 21.  Cameron Heyward - hometown heroes go a long way in my book.  I'd still prefer Carimi or Ingram though, but if both are gone...
- Oh here we go.  Browns trade up to 21.... Phil Taylor out of ... Baylor?  Not that excited about the smaller school players - but the combo with Shaun Rodgers is good.  I approve of this pick.
- Not a single member of the armed forces looked happy to be there.  To be honest it felt more like we're just parading these people - felt kind of patronizing.
- At pick 25, and none of the 3 mentioned are gone yet.  I could see the browns moving up again.
- At 28, and there goes Ingram to the Saints.   I can't freakin believe the Saints gave up a 2nd this year and NEXT year's 1st.  WTF is Bill Bellichek putting in the drinks of the people they are trading with.  Damn.
- I just want the Browns to draft pedigree one of these times.  Look how we passed up Clay Matthews Jr last year.  Hell, even KW2 was a good player. We just passed up Ingram, and I think that he's gonna be a good one.  I'll for sure be picking him up in fantasy.
- And now Gabe Carimi goes at 29.
- Holy shit these last 5 picks are dragging on.  It's 11:30 ffs!  I'll post the rest of this in the morning!
- Morning now: MF'er Steelers took Cameron Heyward.  That stings a little...

All in all a good first day.  The Browns pick wasn't a sexy one, but I think it's a good one.  We were looking for a DL/OL and we got a DL.  Good job, mustache and crew.  I'd like to see an OL on day 2, maybe followed by a RB.   I know we have Hardesty, but you can never have too many RB to spell Hillis, especially when Hardesty is injury prone already.  People have talked about a WR in this draft, but I'm not convinced we need them.  WR take at least a couple years to develop, I promise you we see more out of Robo and MoMass this year, and my prediction is Chansi Stuckey makes a big impact and solidifies his roster spot for years to come.  Pass on the WR, we've got Colt and I trust him.

Here's to a great day 2, let's go Browns!