Friday, June 20, 2008

American Family Insurance is greedy

Latin Fest is this weekend. I'd like to say a few things about it.

- I'm fairly certain the webpage was designed by the Bubble Yum corporation. Honestly, who goes with teal, pink, and bright yellow?

- The picture of the boy on the front page is a ridiculously bad photoshop. No, I don't have to tell by the pixels. Maybe it's a joke by the webmaster?

- $1 tickets on Friday? Awesome! Pure win! I pay $1, I walk around, browse vendors, eat some sweet food, hear some music, take in some culture. Vendors get paid, I get entertained, it's win-win.

- $30 tickets on Saturday? Epic fail! Wait, I get to hear two bands I've never heard of! Sweet! Well maybe they are famous in the Spanish community!

- Lucero Terrazas - first act of two on Saturday. In theory, she's half the show, so she should be worth about 1/2 of the second act (if I know anything about how concerts work, which I obviously do). So say 10 bucks to see her? Lets see what google knows about her... expecting wikipedia page... dont see it... links to her stop at about page five. Must not be that great. Did they just get a spanish girl to make this pose? That's not gonna trick me at all. Anyone can make that pose. Look, I'm doing it right now.

- Who doesn't have their own wikipedia page?! Look, even I've got one. Seriously, this chick is just some stripper they found down at Columbus gold who could sing Feliz Cumpleanos and maybe do a sweet booty shake. It's not that hard to make it in show business with a little T&A.

- Los Huracanes del Norte - Hey hey, this looks a little more respectable. Google knows about em, wikipedia knows about em. But are they 30 dollars good? Eh, not to the average person at Latino Fest. I mean, there's a large population of latinos in Columbus, but how many of them are willing to drop 30 bucks for these guys? It's not like Christina or J-Lo or even Ricky Martin (she bang! she bang!)

- The group members of Los Huracanes is pretty stacked. Check it out:

* Heraclio "Rocky" Garcia
* Jesus "Chuy" Garcia
* Guadalupe "Lupillo" Garcia
* Francisco "Pancho" Garcia
* Antonio H. "El Guero" Garcia
* Jose Luis "El Chapete" Mejia
* Rocky Jr.

Rocky Jr?! Tell me thats just not the most awesome thing you've ever heard. I imagine a midget running around punching people with his maracas left and right. I hope I'm right. I am a little sad though that Jesus Garcia doesn't have a nickname involving tap dancing though. Those spanish people will never learn.

Will I go to Latin Fest? I'd say it's a solid maybe, depending on whether or not I can get some people to join me. $1 margaritas to go along with my $1 admission? Hopefully. See you there!

She bang!