Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quest for the Best: Mark Pi's Express

Today's installment of QftB takes me to Mark Pi's, a staple of "americanized" chinese food. Typically Mark Pi's is a flagship for tasty chinese food, but today they seem to have missed the boat. Read on for more detail.

Restaurant: Mark Pi's Express
Location: 1290 W 5th Ave
Call: (614) 488-6336

Chicken: Crispy! More breading than meat, but still good.

Veggies: Carrots, Celery, Water Chestnuts, Green Peppers, bamboo shoots. I'm glad to see bamboo shoots make an appearance, but what really dominates the veggies is the celery, cut length-wise isntead of in cross sections. Actually it's more of an angled cut, but I don't see the purpose. It just makes it hard to eat.

Sauce: Not quite enough sauce for the amount of rice. This may be due to the fact that the dish was poured over the rice instead of being on the side like many chinese restaurants do. Also it's not very flavorful nor is it any kind of spicy. More like any traditional brown sauce than a general tso's sauce.

Rice: Plain white rice.

Spiciness: I'd give it a 0/10 on spicyness. Very mild, and that takes away from the flavor of what General Tso's should be.

Amount of Food: Not the most food I've gotten in a meal, but more than ample still. There seems to be an excess of celery, or maybe it's just the odd way they've cut it (length-wise, why?)

Price: $4.95

Overall: 2/10 - The sauce really did this dish in. It was lacking at best, and bland at worst.

Cookie: Overcooked, dark, and dry. A sad experience Brand: Golden Bowl (New York)
Fortune: There will be many surprises; unexpected gains are likely

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