Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hard work pays off (Day 4 in LA)

Today was a long day 4 in LA, but it all ended well :) We successfully made the server transfer and finished around 8pm (another 11 hour day!) but I had L&L (Hawaian) for lunch and authentic Japanese for dinner (Horon). I went out with a couple of japanese guys from work and just had a great time! It felt good to get some strong work done and then get rewarded for it too.

Most importantly, I have the weekend off!!!! Can you say LA vacay!? I'm gonna try to get a lot done this weekend in terms of sightseeing. Hard work does pay off :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 3 in LA

Day 3 in LA, and it was a long one! I woke up at 6:20 on my own (not sure how I didn't get jet lag), worked out, ate breakfast, and ... went to work. That's all I did today. It was an 11 hour day at work :( The good news is we got SO much done today that (if things go well tomorrow) I might have the whole weekend off, which would be amazing!

I got multiple compliments today on my good work, so there's at least a bit of silver lining to this lengthy day. Additionally, I had El Pollo Loco for lunch (muy delicioso!) and Burger Habit for dinner (also great!).

Still on the to-do list: beaches!!!!!!!!!! Hollywood sign, walk of fame. Tomorrow I hope I can do at least one.

Here's to a wonderful friday everyone!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Los Angeles

Today is day 2 of 9 in LA (on work) and I'm having a blast! There's so much I want to do! Venice Beach, Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Beach just to name a few. Then there's all the food I want to eat! Cozymel's, Habit, and the Steakhouse just around the corner are all on the list. I'm currently eat Stuft Pizza (there are SO many toppings on this thing!) from downtown El Segundo, after having Versailles (Cuban) for lunch.

My hotel room is like an apartment! It's got a full kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, and even a stove! What can I say, I'm having a great time :)