Friday, May 1, 2009

I love you, reddit.

This is why I love reddit. Please note that in no way am I endorsing this man's beliefs or ideologies. However, it is just AMAZING to me that a level headed discussion can take place online, even when the topic is something as volatile as pedophilia. People are listening, people are up in arms, and some people are even sympathizing! Again, I do not endorse Pedo or CP, but I am overjoyed and so very proud of the reddit community for being a mature audience for the show.

If you haven't subscribed to it, make sure you add the AskReddit subreddit. Another great link to check out in this section is the Ask a TSA employee thread. Once again, serious questions are posed, and trolls are mercilessly downmodded. Did you know that if you get SSSS on your plane ticket that means you're going to be selected for secondary screening? I guess it's pretty common knowledge, but I didn't know that before I read this thread. This and many other gems are hiding out waiting to be discovered!

Head on over to reddit and check out the AskReddit subreddit now!