Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today's random wikipedia page: Paper size

I've always wondered what the difference between A4 and Letter sized paper is. Well, not always. But a good portion of my morning was spent wondering. At least the last couple of minutes. As it turns out, a "letter" sized paper is actually just slightly shorter than an A4, but it's very close. However, the printer knows. Oh yes, the printer is well aware of your attempts to feed it A4 sized paper when it expects Letter. This is the premise of the message PC LOAD LETTER.

The problem with PC LOAD LETTER is that each word can be misconstrued. The actual meanings?

PC = Paper Cassette
LOAD = Place the paper in the paper cassette
LETTER = Letter sized paper please, not A4!

See, it's so simple now. Remember, check your paper size and you won't have to sing Die MF Die MF Die in an empty field.